How It Works

How does Tutez Australia site work

Tutez Australia website is a really easy system to use.  Simple follow these steps:

  1. Enter your laptop/ phone type on the homepage
  2. Select condition: Working or Not working
    1. For ‘Not Working’ devices – Tell us (if any) faults
  3. We offer you a price for your phone
  4. Provide us your contact details
  5. We send you an Australia Post Satchel or Use your own parcel whichever easier for you.
  6. You can drop it at the red letter box or any Australia Post Office and make sure you do protect your device(s) adequately with bubble wrap so they are not damaged in the mail.
  7. Once we receive those devices, We will review your device against the description you entered
  8. We send you money for your device(s) through your nominated bank account or paypal within 8 business hours.

What’s the difference between the conditions
If you aren't sure about your device cosmetic condition, feel free to message us or send us an email. We will get back to you ASAP.

Good Condition

These are devices that are in perfect condition.  No scratches, no damage, no blemishes. 

Fair Condition

This refers to devices that have some visible signs of use.  It could be some scratches, or minor wear & tear to the body of the device. Please select any minor damage according to your phone condition.

Poor Condition

This refers to devices that are heavily scratched and some dents on the corner.  Please select any minor damage according to your phone condition.

Could not Power

This refers to device which could not turn on. 

Water Damaged

Any issues related to Water damaged falls into this category.

Screen Issues 

Any issues related to screen (Screen Cracked, Lcd Issues, Lines on Screen etc)


What happens if we find extra fault in your device?
We inspect and review every device received.  If we find that the device is not as described, we will contact you and offer a reduced price. The revised price will depends on the issues found.

Do the valuations change?
The prices we offer do change, but usually they go down. The reason for this is because old technology loses its value over time.  We do however pride ourselves on offering more for your phone than anyone else in the market.

How do I send my phone/ laptop in?
We’ve worked hard to make the system safe, so once you register your selling order through our website, we will send you a free postage label, and you can drop at any Australia Post Office or the red letter box whichever is easier for you.

Can I drop my device off in person
If you are based in Melbourne, then you are welcome to drop your phone off in person.  We are located at central heart of Melbourne CBD, at 200 Spencer Street.

Please note, all payments will be made via EFT/payID/PayPal.  We do not offer cash payments. 


How quick do MrTutez release the money?

We pay within 8 business Hours of receiving your devices. We make sure that our customer get their money as quick as possible.

Free Postage Label

Free label across Australia

24 Hours Tech Support

Contact us anytime, anywhere

Fast Payment

Payment within 8 business hours